Bee Removal Miami – Getting Rid of Honey Bees

While most people love to eat honey, having a beehive near your home or office can be very problematic and dangerous. If you are allergic to bees and their sting, then this threat is even more of an issue for you. In order to get rid of beehives and their tenants, you need to find a specialist who has the training and experience that are necessary to eradicate a bee infestation. Proper bee removal is not an easy process, and it should only be performed by people who have the equipment to do the job. It is not unusual for a person who removes bees from their hives for a living to find honeycombs that weigh well over 100 pounds. As you can imagine, this environment can be home to thousands of bees that can cause harm to you, your family and your pets.


Bee Removal Miami with the Original Willie the Bee Man

In order to get to the bees, a trained individual has to be able to analyze the situation and see where the cavity is leading to. Once the heart of the hive is identified, a trained, licensed and insured beehive remover will begin to tackle the problem in an organized and methodical manner. With the hive open and the cavity exposed, you will be able to see for yourself just how many bees were in the hive. While this is a dangerous job, professionally trained and state certified bee removers are able to mitigate the risk and danger that are associated with the delicate process.

Continued Diligence Is a Must

In order to keep bees from coming back to your home or office, you will need to keep using a bee removal company since there are currently no deterrent chemicals that can successfully keep bees from settling in your home’s roof or your office’s floorboards. The good news for home and business owners though is that a professional can keep your problem from getting out of control. A professional bee remover will also know what to do with the honeycomb and the bees that are currently taking up residence in your home. These are useful creatures when they are in the right location, and a bee remover will be able to transport bees to a habitat that is better suited to their beneficial activity. To guarantee your safety and also protect the bees, turn to a remover that is experienced and respected.

Call Today for Bee Removal Miami

For stress-free bee removal in Miami, the choice for you is The Original Willie the Bee Man. An avid bee enthusiast with over 18 years of professional removal experience, he will be able to help you solve your bee problem. If you would like to know more about professional bee removal services, you are encouraged to call the Florida bee expert, The ONE and only, The Original Willie the Bee Man at 305-933-2333.

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