Removing Beehives is Dangerous Work

Beehive RemovalAttempting to remove a beehive is dangerous work for anyone. Professionals have to be extra careful because they are putting their limbs and lives in jeopardy. As bees are one of the more protective creatures, they can attack with just the slightest threat to their hive. You can’t imagine the kind of bee ire if you mess with their royal abode. By hiring a professional, you can avoid the problems with having a bee hive on your property. There are serious potential dangers even when you have experience removing bees and hives; so an inexperienced individual should never make an attempt!

Bee Stings

One of the worst things to suffer through is multiple bee stings. They are painful and cause swelling. The stinger releases venom into the victim’s skin that causes swelling and in some individuals a severe allergic reaction. Over time even if only swelling occurs, it will be associated with an itch. It is important to be aware that receiving multiple bee stings at once can be dangerous to your long term health.


If you have allergies to bee stings, you shouldn’t even be near any type of hive or bees on your own. In addition to pain and swelling, they can prevent your ability to breath and have even been known to cause death. If you are allergic to a bee sting, just one can cause you to suffer through nausea, vomiting, fainting and closing of the throat. Anyone with an allergy, who is stung by bees, should seek immediate medical attention.


When bees feel threatened, they act aggressively. This is especially true when trying to protect their hive or colony. They also are more aggressive in different climates. If the region is very hot, bees tend to have more of a hot temper. If you discover a bee hive in your backyard, it’s imperative that you stay away and call a professional for beehive removal in West Palm Beach or any other place in South Florida. Aggressive bees can be extremely dangerous to the elderly and small children as well. You can seek shelter indoors to prevent bee stings, but you may also want to cover yourself from head to toe. Some bees are more aggressive than others and have migrated to the United States. These include the African killer bee.

Safety Precautions to Take

Bee hives form in all kinds of places, and they can take several shapes or even spread into the interior walls of your home. That’s why it’s important in Boca Raton, to have an expert remove the bee hive. Have a professional investigate the property, and do not attempt to remove any bee hives on your own. Professional bee hive removal requires the right equipment and safety gear. They must wear thick clothing and head gear to prevent any bees from stinging the skin. The face mask offers full protection for the face. Extermination services may be necessary if you have more aggressive types of bees such as the African killer bee. With the right equipment, a professional can safely remove all instances of bee hives on your property and ensure that the bees won’t return. In many cases, bees return after only part of the hive is removed and begin building once more. That’s why it’s so important to hire someone with experience.

If you would like to know more about professional bee removal services, you are encouraged to call the Florida beehive removal expert, Willie the Bee Man at 305-504-8020.


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