The Hidden Damage Caused by Honeybees

Get Rid of BeesThe effects of a bee sting ranges from mild discomfort to life-threatening allergic reactions like anaphylactic shock. An invasion of bees in your home and or garden poses health risks for you and your family.  A bee infestation, in addition to the health risk, brings with it hidden damages that if not addressed quickly, can lead to costly repairs and extensive renovation. A nest or hive of bees on your property can present liability issues as well. There are no circumstances under which you should attempt to get rid of bees yourself. When you need to get rid of bees in Boca Raton, get a professional who specializes in bee and wasp removal services.

How Bees Invade Your Home

In the wild, honeybees love a hollow log that offers them shelter as well as room to build their intricate mazes of honeycombs. Unfortunately, there are numerous locations in a home and garden that offer the same kind of amenities, including trees, sheds, garden walls and the inside of walls in your  home.  Bees often choose the south- or east-facing sides of a home to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. Eaves and soffits offer easy access to the inside of your home. A hole, crack or gap as small as one eighth of an inch is all the room that bees need to enter your home. Once established, bees will fill a cavity with honeycombs, honey and bee waste until the cavity is full. The population of a single nest can grow quickly to up to 40,000 bees or more.

The Damaging Effects of a Bee Invasion

The mere weight of a large bee colony can cause damage to structural elements of your home like walls, chimneys and roofs. As hives expand, pressure can cause honey, melting wax and waste products to push through walls, leaving damaging stains on painted and wallpapered surfaces. Beehives give off a strong odor that can attract other pests like rodents and insects as well. When a nest becomes too crowded for the bees, they split their population and move into the nearest available location. Left unattended, honeybees can fill cavities from the ceiling to the floor and from wall stud to wall stud.

Taking the Sting Out of a Bee Infestation

One of the hidden dangers of bee infestations is the liability issues that you may face if a guest to your home, a neighbor or a passerby gets stung by a bee. If it’s determined that the bee came from a hive or nest on your property, you may be held financially liable for damages. Having a beehive on your property is something no home or business owner should deal with alone. When you need to get rid of bees in Boca Raton or anywhere in South Florida, it’s critical to call a skilled professional who has the know-how and experience to resolve all of the hidden damage caused by honeybees. If you would like to know more about professional bee removal services in West Palm Beach, you are encouraged to call the Florida bee removal expert, Willie the Bee Man at 305-504-8020.

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  1. I have a honey bee hive building a nest in my wall of my house. What can I do to get them out?

  2. I find it interesting that a bee infestation could actually damage the structural elements of a house. I just saw a small bee hive in our attic, however I am too afraid to approach it. Its probably for the better that I call for bee removal services so they could take care of it.

  3. I have a yellow jacket nest located in a Crack on my font porch. I have kittens and thier mother cat that stay on my porch a lot. How do I get rid of them without harming my cats?

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