Bee Removal Doral

Bee Removal DoralCall Willie for Professional Bee Removal

Businesses and homeowners who are in need of bee removal in Doral and the surrounding area can contact The original Willie the Bee Man for effective results that last. The original Willie the Bee Man has been helping people with their bee troubles for more than 18 years. He has the expertise and the training that is necessary to remove bees in a safe and effective way to the end that the bees do not come back. Over the years, he has assembled a team of professionals that are trained, certified and equipped to take care of both commercial and residential bee removal requirements. Contact us at 305.933.2337 for a free estimate and fast service.

Preparing for Bee Removal

When people contact us, a certified team member will ask descriptive questions about the bee problem. Questions pertain to how long the bees have been around to where the bees congregate. The answers give associates a better idea of what to expect when they arrive at the site. Before an associate stops by, a home or business owner is given an estimate on work that can be done over the phone. Next, the team member drives to the location and proceeds to get a better understanding of the situation. At times, the bee problem can be more or less severe than expected. If either case is experienced, a new quote will be given. Associates bring company vehicles that are equipped and ready for action.


The Bee Removal Process

The process of bee removal itself can be quite challenging. Bees can be in challenging places to get to. Some bee nests are located in the roof or walls of a building, while others are in the ground. Both situations have their own set of complexities and associates are equipped with the tools that they need. Sometimes, a section of siding or part of the building needs to be removed in order to remove the bees and the nest. If something needs to removed, our professional technician will discuss the situation with you prior to the process proceeding. Special treatments are applied to silence and remove the bees as well as the nest. After the bees have been removed, the building is restored and protected.

Contacting Us for Results

The original Willie the Bee Man and associates are professionals who are licensed, bonded and insured for all work that is done. Don’t ignore bee problems because doing so only allows the bees to multiply and causing the problem to get worse. Sometimes people unknowingly wait for years before dealing with the problem resulting in a substantially higher cost of removal and building restoration. Give The original Willie the Bee Man and his team a call today at 305.933.2337 and let’s get rid of your bees.