Bee Removal

 Fort   Lauderdale

Bee Removal Fort LauderdaleLazily buzzing honey bees are a part of summertime. They help crops produce food, make beeswax and honey, and keep gardens lively. Unfortunately, if you end up with a busy wild beehive in your yard, this “welcome sight of summer” can quickly become a disaster. When you need a professional bee removal service, you need to call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.2337. The Original Willie the Bee Man is an expert in bee removal in Fort Lauderdale, and for your safety all of his technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.

Beekeepers raise European honey bees for their honey, wax, royal jelly, and crop pollination prowess. These are the same kind of honey bees that people typically encounter in their yards as a result of naturalized bees that were brought over from Europe ages ago. Unfortunately, not all honey bees are the fuzzy, mild-mannered, happily pollinating variety any more. If homeowners attempt to remove a hive on their own, they might be putting themselves at risk of an attack from Africanized “killer bees.” These bees are more aggressive than regular honey bees, inclined to swarm and chase people, stubborn, tolerant of hot weather, and have been known to sting people to death. It takes very little to provoke killer bees into an all-out attack, and a homeowner, apiarist, or exterminator who isn’t experienced in removing Africanized beehives is putting themselves in harm’s way.

Bee Sting Allergies

Killer bees aren’t the only reason people should beware of attempting their own bee removal in Fort Lauderdale. Over two million people in the United States have been diagnosed with bee sting allergies, and it can be very hard to know who’s at risk of a serious reaction. Allergies occur when the body is sensitized to something, whether it’s medication, food, or a bee sting. This makes the immune system go on the defensive against whatever it’s sensitized to. As a result, when the body’s exposed to an allergen for the second (or third, or eighth, or hundredth) time, it can cause a lethal allergic reaction. That means that anyone who has ever been stung by a bee before can end up having an allergic reaction if they are stung again. Most reactions are mild and some people are able get over their allergies spontaneously, but anaphylaxis is a potentially deadly medical emergency that nobody should risk experiencing. The Original Willie the Bee Man and all of his professionally trained employees have the knowledge and equipment necessary to properly protect themselves while they remove beehives, so homeowners don’t have to worry about risking themselves.

Don’t be tempted to try and save money by attempting to remove beehives yourself. Bee removal in Fort Lauderdale is a complicated process that requires a skilled professional with the right tools and equipment to get the job done properly. The Original Willie the Bee Man specializes in removing bees, and isn’t going to take any chances when it comes to your family’s health and safety. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man, the bee expert, at 954.947.2337 today.