Get Rid of Bees

Lazy Lake


Get Rid of Bees Boca RatonAvid gardeners plan their yards to help attract and keep beneficial pollinators around, including wild honey bees. Unfortunately, some of the most appealing yards can end up harboring bees full-time as wild populations establish hives in trees, under eaves, or even inside walls. While a couple of bees might be a welcome addition to your yard, a whole hive will quickly overstay its welcome. That’s when you need to call The Original Willie the Bee Man, at  954.947 BEES(2337). The Original Willie the Bee Man and all of his technicians are trained experts who are licensed, bonded and insured.

Avoid getting rid of bees by yourselves

Beehives can house tens of thousands of bees at a time. While that’s great if you have a large area that needs pollination, it’s totally undesirable when it puts you and your family at risk of bee stings or worse; multiple stings. Common pesticides and do-it-yourself solutions might seem like an appropriate response, but there are a lot of reasons why trying to get rid of bees in Lazy Lake is something that homeowners should not try to handle themselves:

  • Pesticides are often specific to a certain type of insect. One that works on carpenter bees might not work on honey bees, hornets, or other stinging insects. The Original Willie the Bee Man will be able to determine what kind of bee you’re dealing with, and what measures are appropriate to take. Some pesticides may also contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder, and have effects that reach much further than your yard.
  • Not all honey bees are created equal. Attempts to create tougher, more resistant bees have resulted in the creation of “killer bees.” These look exactly like regular European honey bees, but they’re far more aggressive and dangerous. They’ve been responsible for human and animal deaths, and a single sting can trigger the release of a chemical that causes the entire hive to attack. These are very dangerous and their extermination must be done by a professional like The Original Willie the Bee Man.
  • Bee sting allergies are hard to predict, and may be deadly. People who are sensitized to bee venom (either through a previous sting, by working with bee products, or by inheriting an allergy) are at risk of going into anaphylactic shock. Symptoms of a severe reaction include rashes; swelling of the face, neck, or throat; difficulty speaking, breathing, or swallowing; wheezing, coughing, or trouble breathing; a drop in blood pressure; and cardiac symptoms like dysrhythmia or cardiac arrest. To get rid of bees in Lazy Lake call The Original Willie the Bee Man.
  • Bees may return if the area isn’t appropriately cleaned up. Bees are particular about their surroundings, and are inclined to return to a site that they’ve picked out to rebuild. This is especially true if any scent of honey remains in an area.


These are just a few of the reasons why it’s faster, cheaper, easier, and safer to rely on an expert to get rid of bees Lazy Lake. Wasps, hornets, and bees are The Original Willie the Bee Man‘s specialty, and along with his licensed and insured technicians, he will make sure your insect problem is handled right. Don’t wait until you or a family member get stung, call The Original Willie the Bee Man now at 954.947.2337.