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Bees are a year-round problem in South Florida. Social bees live in colonies, building nests that can last for generations. When a beehive becomes overcrowded, the colony splits up and some of the bees head off in search of a new place to call home. If their new location is in your Hollywood home or garden, your family may be at risk. Although bees play an important role in pollinating plants and flowers, you don’t want them taking up residence in your home. When you need to get rid of bees in Riviera Beach, don’t wait; call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.BEES(2337).

Bee Hive Removal Protects Your Family

Most Hollywood residents know that being stung by a bee can be irritating and painful, but you may not realize that a single bee sting can put you at serious risk; especially if you or a family member has a bee allergy. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, approximately three percent of people stung by a bee have a severe allergic reaction that requires immediate emergency treatment. Don’t wait for this to happen at your home. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.BEES(2337) and tell them that you need to get rid of bees in your Riviera Beach home.


Africanized Honeybees

In the late 1950s, honeybees from Africa were imported to Brazil where they mated with other types of honeybees. They have since spread from South America into the southern areas of the United States, including Hollywood, Florida. Although they look like ordinary bees, these Africanized honeybees are more aggressive when it comes to defending their nests. Venturing too close to their colonies can trigger them to swarm and attack. The so-called “killer bees” are not the only dangerous type of bee. Any swarm of bees presents a health risk to you and your family. Multiple bee stings from any insect in the bee family can result in a toxic reaction with symptoms that can include fever, fainting and convulsions. The Original Willie the Bee Man is a licensed, bonded and insured expert in the field of bee elimination.

Expert Bee and Wasp Removal Services

Safely getting rid of bees in Hollywood requires experience and expertise. Don’t be fooled by exterminators who promise that sealing up the bee colony with chemicals will resolve the problem. That technique is likely to motivate the bees to build another nest or hive nearby. The most effective and affordable way to get rid of bees in Riviera Beach is to have them removed by the experts at The Original Willie the Bee Man. Our skilled professionals will address the problem using the right tools and equipment to ensure that the job is performed the right way the first time. For fast, safe and effective bee removal from property, call The Original Willie the Bee Man today at 561.571.BEES(2337).