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Get Rid of Bees SunriseGet Rid of Bees in Sunrise

Bees can build hives and nests just about anywhere that people live and many species prefer areas with warm climates like South Florida. Bees play an important role in our environment, but they can become a danger to you when they start constructing a nest in the walls of your home or business. Once a hive is established, bees become aggressive in protecting their home and can attack anyone who attempts to tamper with the hive. If your home has been invaded by a colony of bees, it’s not only the threat of bee stings that you need to be concerned about; bees can also cause substantial damage to your property. If you need to get rid of bees in Sunrise call the Florida expert, The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.2337

Carpenter Bee Removal

With an appearance that’s similar to bumble bees, carpenter bees get their name from their unique ability to tunnel into wood. They do not eat the wood but rather use it to build walls between the cells of their complex nests. Active most of the year in South Florida, they can weaken a home’s structure much like termites if left undetected. Often, the only sign of a carpenter bee infestation is a small hole in an exterior wall. Because they prefer natural wood to painted or finished surfaces, they often drill their entry hole under a home’s eaves, leaving a faint trail of sawdust behind them. Although carpenter bees aren’t as aggressive as other types of bees, it’s important to contact The Original Willie the Bee Man for their removal before their colonies cause major damage to your home. In Sunrise, Willie and his team of certified and professionally trained technicians have the tools and equipment to efficiently rid your property of carpenter bees or any other type of bee or wasp on your property.

Honeybee Infestations

Honeybees are attracted to dark spaces like the cavities in walls of your home. Once they build their hive and begin to produce, their honeycombs and honey can not only cause damage to your home’s structure but will also attract other pests and insects. It’s critical to get rid of bees in Sunrise before they begin to lay eggs and make honey. A single nest of honeybees can have a population of up to 40,000 bees. Whether Africanized or not, honeybees are territorial creatures and may sting anyone who comes near their nest. With over 18 years in the business, The Original Willie the Bee Man is the most experienced company in Florida to get rid of bees in Sunrise.

Professional Bee Removal Services

If your home or business has an infestation of bees or wasps of any variety, do not attempt to remove them yourself. Complete removal requires tools, equipment, and lots of experience. Make the move to protect your home, your family and your property in Sunrise by calling The Original Willie the Bee Man at  954.947.2337 to get rid of bees.